Why ChaCha Services -- Everyone deserves quality service

Why ChaCha Services -- Everyone deserves quality service

Why ChaCha Services -- Everyone deserves quality service

Date: 04-10-2020

Who we are

ChaCha service is an online portal for your everyday needs. Need an electrician, contact us. Need to fix your broken water pipe, get in touch with us. Got to mend your car, we are ready to do it. And the list goes on. From maintaining your house chores to handling your outdoor errands, a ChaCha is always prepared to assist you.

You don't need to tire yourself up for finding help. Because now finding a resource for your indoor and outdoor tasks is just a click away. We know with the busy, hectic schedules, it takes an extra load to find reliable and trustable for your work. Therefore, with a highly professional attitude and quality services, the ChaCha service is a platform to provide you with ease in your hectic daily routine.

What do we aim?

Our fundamental aim is to be easily reachable to everyone in need. Whether at home or on the road. We truly understand how difficult can life become without dealing with basic life chores. Therefore, the platform is here to ease your load and be a good source for your needs and requirements.

Why ChaCha services came into existence?

We know the value of time. How each second of our lives is essential for our growth and success. But getting stuck for hours to find a good and affordable help for your basic problems is not acceptable. ChaCha services came into existence to help the community grow. To let the minds of people free of basic issues so that they can focus on many other valuable operations.

To help the growth of Pakistan's economy by helping different size businesses and companies is what we are looking forward to. Because together, we can help Pakistan to grow and flourish.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to be good quality and affordable service provider to everyone in need all over the country. We strive every day to improve and increase our services for our valuable customers. The trust of our customers motivates us to get better each day. And we are in the continuous process of making efforts to meet the requirements and desires of our customers.

What services do we offer?

We have a huge list of quality services to provide at your doorstep. We are happy to serve you in multiple ways. And you get numerous service options to select your required help.

AC Services

ChaCha service offers quality AC services within your reach. Get your old AC repaired and maintained at your doorstep with quality and affordability. You can even contact our services if you are looking for someone to help you out with your AC installation. We guarantee you easy and reliable services with quick delivery.

Auto services

We have a vast range of auto services within your reach. For example, we provide

  •         Denting or painting services
  •         Car maintaining services
  •         Electrical work
  •         Mechanical work
  •         Cleaning services

You can ask for any of the services you need to lessen your burden and struggle in sorting your responsibilities. For every service, we have highly professional and qualified workers to assist you in the best of their quality with quick and reliable services.

Cleaning services

We ensure you of the best cleaning services as per your requirements. We have options available to select a one-day cleaning of your office, home, or any place you wish to clean up. You can even opt for maid service options for your home and offices with your required gender preference. We feel delighted to serve in our best possible way.


We ensure you the best photographic and video graphic services with simple and easily reachable quality professionals. We have experts to capture your beautiful memories on your special days. Weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, or anniversary celebrations we are more than happy to provide you with the best coverage of the event.


Either you need a wedding planner to organize your wedding or an event manager to manage your events, ChaCha services serve you all.  You can contact us for your events and management services and even we assist in booking Shaadi halls according to your desires and range.

Business services

ChaCha services are not only confined to your home chores; you can get your business chores done through our platform. We ensure to provide you with the best service provider for your business needs. For example, our business services include:

  •         Business card production
  •         Industrial supply services
  •         Business setup services
  •         Corporate stamps production
  •         Network and PABX services
  •         Signage production
  •         Office security services
  •         Website developing and designing

Home services

We supply home services of carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing in the most valuable form. Get your customized furniture build by our experienced carpenters, or you can even get any furniture and home settling carpentry services with just one click.

Electricians and plumbers are also available 24/7 for any emergency need at your doorstep.

IT services

Enlarging our community of service providers, we have several quality professionals to meet your IT requirements and needs. Whether it is your computer repair and maintenance or the WIFI service needs. We have it all covered. We can even provide you CCTV coverage for your home or office.

Moving services

Shifting to a new place or buying a new accessory for your home or office. We are always prepared for help. We give you the most trustable service providers to help you in moving smoothly or settling.

Rent a car

You can even rent a car through our platform for yourself. We have a variety of car options available as per your need. We provide rent a car service with the most affordable range and quality.

Salon, spa, and fitness services

We at ChaCha services help you to get the best salon, spa, and fitness services in your area. Or help you to locate the best services providers according to your wishes and needs.

Travel and tourism

Planning for the next tour and confused regarding your accommodation. Do not forget the ChaCha service always there to help. We provide you with the best tour packages and hotel accommodation so that you can enjoy your vacations, leaving your worries on us.

How to avail ChaCha services?

ChaCha services provide you with a straightforward process to avail of its services. We have two options available to avail our services:

  •         Website
  •         Apps (Android, IOS)

Website: a very easy registration process is required to start availing of our services. Visit our website register yourself and then log in to continue with our services of your requirement.

App: or you can download the app on your mobile phone to use ChaCha services effectively. The app version is available for both IOS and android users and is very easy to manage and control.

Do we have discount offers?

Booking from ChaCha services will benefit you in numerous ways. We have several discounted offers for our customers to let them enjoy our services to the fullest. Get to know more about our discounts and offers by visiting our website and booking us.

Want to join as a service provider?

By registering through our website, you can even register yourself as a service provider. If you are an individual with skills fitting our services, you can register yourself as a service provider as well and benefit by serving the community with your skills.

Bottom line

ChaCha service is an excellent online platform to connect you quickly with the best service providers in your area as per your requirements and need. With putting our customer requirements on our topmost priority, we are happy to serve our community with the best possible services provided with ease and affordability.


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